4 thousand shows a year from the entertainment factory


Seans, which has a staff of 450 artists from various parts of the world in ANTALYA, has organized 4 thousand shows in the recent year.

Seans Organizasyon began its activity in Antalya in 2003 as an organization providing dance and art education, and it has made great progress, and succeeded to become one of companies with the greatest potential in the world in this field just within 13 years. First of all, Seans arranged entertainment events in tourism sector in Antalya, and soon its activities have expanded to abroad. The company completed its structuring in Frankfurt and Dubai, and became an organization exporting entertainment to the world. SeansOrganizasyon has dance, acrobatics, and music troupes consisting of selected artists from 26 countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Brazil, Cuba, and Colombia. The company’s activities comprise more than 20 show groups. 450 artists of the company from various parts of the world has performed 4 thousand shows in Turkey in the resent year.

Chairman of the Board of Seans Organizasyon Halis Altay pointed out that they fulfilled a difficult operation due to great number of artists and organizations. Halis Altay said they successfully accomplished this task thanks to an experienced team. Altay added that his targets were to create productions in Antalya and create world brands in the entertainment. He continued:

"We could make up a team with large number of artists within 13 years. Previously we mainly used to bring ready shows from abroad and marketed them mostly in Antalya, and Frankfurt and Dubai branches. But in recent years we have begun to make shows of our own production. We are continually making new projects thanks to choreography and creative team. Soon we will be on the way to make a world brand with our own production of every detail from choreography to costumes and music arrangement."

4 thousand shows a year from the entertainment factory